Job Interview, Questions To Ask a Recruiter In An Interview


Okay, you have made it to the end of your interview and the interviewer says it is now your turn.  They want to know if you have any questions for them.  And most likely you do:  “How did I do” and “Are you going to hire me” – unfortunately you can’t ask either one.  But there are questions that you can ask to glean some information on how you performed and to determine if the company is a right fit for you. However, there are certain sets of questions that you may ask the interviwer in order to get more clarity or beat the rest who went out without a fight. Some of the questions that you should consider before walking in are listed below for a starting point. You can always invent more.

  • How would you define the culture of your company?
  • What waoukd you expect from me in the first six months?
  • How does the company support its employees in the professional capacity?
  • What was your reason for chosing this workplace?
  • What is the training programs that the company runs?
  • What issues plague your workplace at present, especially the department I am applying for?
  • How will be I evaluated for my work?
  • What kind of supervisor-worker relationship do you people have in this company?
  • How will be my carrer progression managed in the company?
  • How much time will you guys take in order to make a decision about hiring me?
  • May I contact you if any further questions arise?
  • How long have you been here with this company and in the recruiting department?
  • How many clients do you usually work with over a specific period of time?
  • What sort of deadlines do you guys have for their employees?
  • This is kind of my dream job but is it one of yours?
  • Can I ask about how a typlical day goes about in your office?
  • May I ask about the exact things I would be asked to do on a daily and weekly basis.
  • What sort of training per year will I receive?
  • Is there vacation packages avaiulabkle from the company’s side?
  • What sort of incentives does the company give out to its employees after they complete a specific time in the company?
  • Do you have a gym facility around and do you encourange physical activities in working hours?

Look at the opportunity to ask your own questions as your chance to interview the company.  Of course you have done your research prior to attending and have made up a list that you wrote down before attending.  Show your preparedness and pull out the list to ask your questions.  Things like company direction and expansion show an interest in the business.  Feel free to take notes; it can earn you brownie points.  Ask questions that are important to you as well, if vacation time and benefits are a deal breaker for you, find out now what the company has to offer.

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